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Тенденции и възможности: Възможност за откриване на бутик за дрехи втора употреба (Trends and opportunities: The opportunity of opening a second hand boutique)
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ключови думи: business opportunity, ... business opportunity, ...

This negative trend brings on the agenda the new business opportunity of opening a second hand boutique since second hand boutique clothing may be the perfect solution for women who want to be stylish without spending too much money on clothing. ...

Какво би донесъл Аутсорсинга на България в разширена Европа? (What could bring Outsourcing to Bulgaria in enlarged Europe?)
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there is an analysis of the future accession of the country to the EU and the associated problems Next an evaluation of the existent and possible future conditions and developments in the context of the country’s accession to the EU is provided by the next subchapter. A detailed outline of the potential impact of the Union’s policies on business conditions in general and the opportunities for outsourcing is given in this respect. The last subchapter deals with the potential consequences from developing outsourcing on a national scale in macro- and microeconomic aspect, ...

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