Executive summary. 3

1. Introduction. 3

1.1. Overview.. 3

1.2. Description of the firm... 3

1.3. Description of the job undertaken. 4

2. Description and analysis of the business and students job. 4

2.1.Description and analysis of the macro-environment of business. 4

2.2. Description of the business. 7

2.2.1. Structure and management. 7

2.2.2. Trade policy. 8

2.2.3. SWOT analysis. 9

2.2.4. Recommendations. 10

2.3.Description and analysis of the competitive environment of the business. 10

2.3.1. Overall market performance. 10

2.3.2. Competition. 11

2.3.3. Porters strategic models. 12

2.4. Description and analysis of students job and honest evaluation of performance 13

2.5. Students reflections on the behavioural patterns and the understanding of the aspirations of the labour force. 14

3. Conclusion. 14

References. 15

Appendices. 16






Executive summary


This internship report presents my experience as an intern in Moststroy PLC. It includes a description of the company and its structure and management. In order a complete picture of Moststroy and its market position to be provided, the paper also includes SWOT and PESTEL analysis, analysis of Porters five strengths, analysis of the trade policy and the overall market performance of the company and its competitors.

A very important part of the report is the description of my reflections on the behavioural patterns and my understanding of the aspirations of the labour force in the company.

The report also provides relevant statistical information in its Appendices.


2. Description and analysis of the business and students job


2.1.Description and analysis of the macro-environment of business


I will use PESTEL analysis in order to provide the most adequate information about the macro-environment of the business. The frame of PESTEL comprises political (P), economic (E), social (S), technological (T), environmental (E) and legal (L) analysis.

The political conditions in the country significantly improved in the last decade. The transition to democracy and market economy after the end of the era of communism was a very difficult period for Bulgaria. The country experienced times of political instability and strikes. However, the governments managed to complete the necessary reforms in order the country to join the European Union. Bulgaria signed the Accession Treaty in 2005 and joined the EU in 2007. Currently, the political environment in Bulgaria is table. However, some problems still exist.

In spite of the general enthusiasm after the country joined the Union, the government of the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) didnt bring the changes needed. Corruption and organized crime remained the main issues for the new government (by the political party GERB) which was elected in the summer of 2009. The prime-minister Boyko Borisov faced the difficult task of not only fighting corruption and organized crime, but also solving the problem with the supply of electicity. Special attention needs to be paid to the case of Kozloduy nuclear power plant, which closed two of its reactors in 2002, and the new nuclear power plant in Belene which is expected to be built in the next years.


The economic conditions in Bulgaria are quite unstable right now. The last five years brought great investment in the construction sector. The confidence in the economy had its reflection in the large inflows of foreign direct investment. According to OECB data from January 2008 the structure of investment in the last three quarters of 2007 showed that 50 per cent of it (2,9 billion USD) went into real estate and construction. However, Global financial and economic crisis hit the construction industry and brought an unprecedented challenge to the managers in the sector.



3. Conclusion


The benefits from my internship in Moststroy PLC are numerous. I gained the experience of working in a holding group, which is very valuable in the time of globalization because the major tendency is companies to unite and concentrate in huge economic units and groups.

I find my internship in Moststroy PLC useful due to the fact I learnt how to work in a team of people of different ages and backgrounds, and I got used to communicating with them in a very friendly way.

In my opinion, this internship will contribute to my future career not only as a part of my Curriculum Vitae but also with the experience I gained during these three months. I learnt many useful lessons about the policy of a company of a declining sector. The most important thing I gained was the experience of observing how executives make their plans and take their decisions for the future of the company. I think its priceless and irreplaceable experience which will help me a lot in my future career.




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