Comparison And Contrast Between Rober Lawells Man And Wife And Gretel Ehrlichs A Match To The Heart





It was 1959 when Robert Lowell completed an amazing set of poems included in a collection named Life Studies. The most conspicuous among them - Man and Wife, tackles the problems of personal tragedy. The main accent is put on the troubled marriage, as the author reviews his life with his wife before and after the marriage.

Ehlrichs A Match to the heart, written three decades later (in 1994), examines the space between life and death. The plot concentrates on her fate of a woman, struck by lightning. Although she was fatally injured, she manages to win the battle and to return back to normal living. The virtually surreal fate of Ehrlich, fascinating as it is, is additionally emphasized by the help provided by her parents, her doctor and even her dog.

Both Lowells Man and Wife and Ehrlichs A match to the heart have autobiographical motifs. Ehrlich describes the physical consequences of being struck by light. The author, who has been on the brink of death before finding an extraordinary talented cardiologist, experienced her own awakening after suffering the most vulnerable period of her life, when she was getting divorced with her husband.




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