Contrast and comparison between Robert Lowells Man and Wife and Sam Shepards Fool for Love






Robert Lowells poem Man and Wife (1959) and Sam Shepards play Fool for Love (1983) treat the problems of the relationships between men and women.

While Lowells Man and Wife is autobiographical, Fool for Love is not considered a description of personal experience of Shepard.

Man and Wife is a story about troubled marriage, based on personal experience. The primary realism of the poem is mixed with the surrealistic motifs of the many local metaphors (war paint, rising sun, etc.) and the imaginary suggestions. At first the poem appears casual but then the apparent connections are discovered. The reference to Milltown brings two main suggestions on mind: the image of the popular tranquilizer Milltown and the suggestion of small town.

Fool for Love describes the difficulties of an impossible relationship. The relationship between Eddie and May does not seem possible not only because of their different temperaments and ways of life, but due to its incestuous origin. Man and Wife concentrates on a possible and already realized relationship which has changed over the time.




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problems of the relationships between men and women, story based on personal experience, local metaphors, realized relationships

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