Какво би донесъл Аутсорсинга на България в разширена Европа? (What could bring Outsourcing to Bulgaria in enlarged Europe?)

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outsourcing, role of transnational corporations, trade and capital flows, SWOT and STEP analysis of Bulgaria, forms of economic globalization, antiglobalization movement, development and forms of outsourcing, policies of the EU, Existence of a functioning market economy, Offshore Outsourcing Capability

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Chapter 1 focuses on the broader trend of globalization, in which the international outsourcing is flourishing. It presents the nature of globalization, by defining it and reviewing the main indications, showing that it is taking place. Further on, a brief overview of the existing forms of globalization on company and country level is done, giving a basic idea of how it is actually happening. The next subchapter is about the driving forces, presented in their historical context and about the development of the phenomenon. More attention is dedicated to the present-day situation with the main actors, which are influencing the speed and the forms that globalization is taking, and the conflicts that arise from their behavior.

Chapter 2 provides a detailed description of the international outsourcing. First, outsourcing is defined and a distinction from similar terms is made. In the next subchapter it is presented how the international outsourcing appeared (with more details about the outsourcing in services), following major changes in the world environment, created by the globalization. Since outsourcing is a relatively young trend, it is still not very well researched, so there is a considerable debate on its consequences, especially on the home (client) countries.

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